Aren Payroll

Aren Payroll is a user-friendly payroll program that runs on PCs with Windows Vista or later. It enables you to set up a database containing pay details of the employees in your organisation and then use this data to print payroll reports.

Data entry is interactive with income tax, loan payments, pension fund balances and other calculated amounts updated and displayed as you work. Numerous reports are provided including payslips, payroll summary, payroll control account, cash and cheque lists as well as monthly and annual tax returns.


Aren Register

Aren Register extends the functionality of Aren Payroll to include leave processing and support for structured, position-based organisations.

It lets you specify the posts available in your organisation and then assign employees to these posts. As new employees join they are assigned to the posts you specify.

The system helps you keep track of annual leave days earned and taken by employees. You are also able to record all absence from work.


Payroll Processing

Our payroll bureau service takes the hassle of payroll processing out of your hands, allowing you to focus on your core business. This service is backed by our extensive experience in the payroll industry and our expertise in income tax matters.


What Others Say

"I recommend AREN without any reservations whatsoever."

"The software was highly recommended to us and rightly so."

"Great payroll system."

"Most friendly payroll software I have ever come across."

"Thanks Aren for coming to my rescue."

"It is a very stable program compared with others."