Aren Payroll

Aren Payroll is a user-friendly payroll program that runs on PCs with Windows Vista or later. It enables you to set up a database containing pay details of the employees in your organisation and then use this data to print payroll reports.

Data entry is interactive with income tax, loan payments, pension fund balances and other calculated amounts updated and displayed as you work. Numerous reports are provided including payslips, payroll summary, payroll control account, cash and cheque lists as well as monthly and annual tax returns.

The program is very flexible. For example:

  • it supports an unlimited number of payments and deductions;
  • a single installation can process the payrolls of up to 99 different organisations;
  • the user can update tax tables and other parameters used for calculating statutory deductions whenever the need arises;
  • electronic salary payment is supported.

Two editions of the program are available: Standard and Premier. The Standard edition is single-user and caters for monthly workers only. The Premier edition supports up to three concurrent users and can handle monthly, biweekly, weekly and irregular pay frequencies.

Aren Payroll - P9A Report
Aren Payroll