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What’s New in Version 6.0

Version 6.0 of Aren Payroll and Aren Register is a major revision of version 5.0. It was first released in November 2013. Here are the main improvements:

Employee Details

  1. Passport and Work Permit numbers are captured to cater for employees who are not citizens.

Payroll Processing

  1. The payroll can handle employees paid in foreign currency—US Dollar, Euro and Pound Sterling. (Premier editions only)
  2. Profiles have been introduced where users can specify the working hours per day and pay period, leave entitlement, etc for a group of employees.


  1. Payslips can now be emailed to employees.
  2. An Industrial Training Levy report has been added. This is optional.
  3. Individual NSSF and NHIF statements for a calendar year have been introduced.
  4. A bank codes report has been added to make it easier to review the list of banks, bank branches and sort codes stored in the banks file.
  5. Employee photos appear in the master report. (Register Only)

User Interface

  1. A list of data folders used can now be viewed from the Start dialog box. This makes it much easier to work with multiple data folders.
  2. In the Banks dialog box, on adding, deleting or editing a bank branch, the payroll would at times select a branch with the same name but in a different bank. This has been fixed.

Other Refinements

  1. Users can use any file name for the logo, not just logo.bmp.
  2. Users can edit the coinage denominations used in the cash list and coinage summary reports.
  3. A swift code field has also been added to the banks file to cater for those who pay salaries outside the country.
  4. Market interest rates for each quarter are now reset to zero at the beginning of each calendar year.