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What’s New in Version 6.0.1

Version 6.0.1 of Aren Payroll and Aren Register is a minor revision of version 6.0 prompted by the NSSF Act of 2013. It was released in May 2014. The main changes as of Update 18 are as follows (post-release changes are shown in blue):

  1. Two separate NSSF contributions are supported, one for each tier. There is an option to switch off Tier II contributions.
  2. There is a new NSSF return in the format required by NSSF. The return is a text file which needs to be imported into Microsoft Excel and then saved as an Excel file.
  3. Disability tax exemption is supported.
  4. Employee data in the personnel, payroll master or employee master file can be exported to a text file.
  5. Data for new employees can be imported from a text file.
  6. Employee payslips can be emailed as password-protected PDF files instead of plain text files.
  7. Payslips can be sent through mail servers that require clear connections to be upgraded to secure ones using STARTTLS command.
  8. Two new reports have been added—gross pay by administrative unit and gross pay by station report.
  9. Reports are searchable by employee number and last name.