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What’s New in Version 7.0

Version 7.0 of Aren Payroll and Aren Register, released in October 2016, is a major revision of version 6.0.1. It includes numerous changes made in response to user feedback.

Here are the main improvements as of Update 15 (post-release changes are shown in blue):

Absence and Leave

  1. Processing of absence and leave for individual employees has been made optional. (Register only)
  2. The user can comment on leave days brought forward, earned, sold or forfeited. (Register only)

Payroll Processing

  1. Insurance premium field type has been added and linked to insurance relief.
  2. Up to two pension deductions are permitted, instead of just one, to cater for voluntary contributions and arrears.
  3. Interest rate for company and co-operative loans can be set centrally so that all employees are charged the same rate for a particular loan.
  4. Interest on company loans can be charged at statutory market interest rate.
  5. User can select which earnings are pensionable. NSSF is computed only on the pensionable earnings.
  6. Payment, deduction and benefit data can be imported into the payroll from a text file. (Premier editions only)


  1. Annual reports can be printed for a range of month within a calendar year (e.g. Jan-Jun or Jul-Sep).
  2. Emergency contact report has been added. (Register only)
  3. Leave liability report has been added. (Register only)
  4. Insurance company return has been added.
  5. Posts report has been split into two reports, one showing a breakdown of posts by tenure (permanent, contract, casual or temporary) and the other by occupancy (occupied or vacant). (Register only)
  6. Leave booked report has been replaced by two reports—absence by employee and absence by type. These show planned and actual absences from work grouped by employee or arranged chronologically. (Register only)
  7. Remarks in absence sheets have been made optional, allowing user to keep them private. (Register only)
  8. Formatting of absence analysis, leave analysis and posts reports have been improved by replacing zeros with dashes. (Register only)
  9. Co-operative and pension returns are always in the local currency, regardless of the payroll currency in use. (Premier editions only)
  10. Output file format for muster roll, payroll variance, control account and payslips changed from tab-separated text file to Excel 2003 XML.

Statutory Returns

  1. For better iTax compatibility:
    • Employment type (primary or secondary) and residential status (resident or non-resident) are captured explicitly.
    • House allowance and car benefit field types have been added.
    • Tax adjustment in December has been removed to ensure tax in December matches that of iTax.
  2. New NSSF self-service return file has been added.
  3. NSSF and NHIF returns are saved in Excel 2003 XML format instead of plain text.


  1. P9As can be emailed to employees.
  2. Reports can be sent in batches, instead of just one or all of them at one go.
  3. When sending reports, the user can adjust the timeout period for mail server responses. Previously this was fixed at 60 seconds.
  4. Should the connection fail while sending reports, the software no longer tries to send the remaining messages.

Other Refinements

  1. Login dialog box defaults to single-user or multi-user mode depending on which mode was last used. (Premier editions only)
  2. Report options have been moved from the Organisation menu to the dialog boxes for opening individual reports. This makes it much easier to locate and edit the options for a specific report.
  3. NHIF return file, which was previously generated by saving the NHIF report, has moved to the Procedure menu. Saving the NHIF report generates a text version of the report.
  4. Importing employee data could lead to duplicate job titles, administrative units or stations. For example, if the imported data had both Nairobi and NAIROBI stations, both would have been added to the payroll.
  5. Electronic payslips can include the company logo.